When modeling Well Pad Sites alongside depth details for the area, laterals can be oriented along maximum principal stress, along up-dip direction, based on longest laterals and up-dip direction, or based on origination from a cardinal direction (i.e., North, South) of the lease boundary.


Analyzing the final results in a 3D view helps users to better visualize the end-product, ensuring proper placement of assets for the scenario.


Well Pad layouts may consist of either single direction well layouts or a combination of single and dual direction.


Single direction layouts assume that all wells drilled from the pad will be oriented in the same direction. The second option, single and dual direction, allows for the potential of drilling in two directions opposed to one another, offering your team more allowances in where laterals and sites can be placed.


Take full advantage of the Well Pad Site and Integrated Geomancy's capabilities by controlling how lateral spacing is handled across the entirety of the lease. Laterals may be spaced equally across the lease, allowing as many as possible to be placed down.


Alternatively, you may define the measurement to be used for the spacing and specify that this be strictly followed by the toolkit during placement.


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