Pipeline Gathering System

Determine optimal routes for Pipeline Gathering Systems, incorporating custom network options and connecting to existing infrastructure where available.





The model used for Pipeline Gathering System optimization should reflect the system your company is constructing by specifying the type of pipeline to be built, ensuring development lines up with potential assets.




When constructing a pipeline network, take into account the state of the field being developed. Are there existing pipelines that can be tied into? Is this a greenfield scenario? These answers may determine the best routes.




Integrated Geomancy can include as many supplemental datasets and constraints as your team wishes to include. Enhance your model and optimization results by exploring which variables are most often used.



Modeling a Pipeline Gathering System is not one-size-fits-all. That is why the Analysis tools within Integrated Geomancy allow you to choose the type of pipeline to be used for development, including...

Determine the location of pipelines to be built above-ground. While they may appear similar to other types typically built underground, symbology can be used to differentiate the types for further distinction within the field.

When moving offshore, the requirements of the environment are different than those typically seen onshore. Employ special settings during analysis to find the right fit offshore.

Optimize the location of the Pipeline Gathering System based on trenched production, ensuring the land on which these assets will be constructed is suitable for excavation.

For companies seeking to utilize trenchless technology in construction, Integrated Geomancy allows the option to determine placement of the system based on this factor.





The approach taken when deriving the Pipeline Gathering System network will differ depending on the area - or future outlook of the area - in play. Take into account variables like existing infrastructure to properly tie together the system.

No existing pipelines in the area? No problem. Build your pipeline network entirely based on connecting Well Pad Sites together. This method is ideal for greenfield scenarios or areas where general infrastructure is unknown.

Take advantage of existing infrastructure and resources, constructing a pipeline network that connects Well Pad Sites to existing pipelines. This method helps to tie new sites into an established network with ease.

As the best of both worlds, there is huge value in allowing development to optimize the Pipeline Gathering System by both connecting Well Pad Sites to one another and to existing pipeline infrastructure. This option is designed to produce the most optimal layout.





To help generate Pipeline Gathering System routes in an environment as realistic as possible, we encourage you to include as many and as varied input spatial datasets within the Integrated Geomancy model as you have available. This input is used to generate surface models off of which optimization will be based.

In order for the Integrated Geomancy toolkit to optimize the locations of assets, a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) must be provided. This data, alongside any supplemental data and constraints, allows the toolkit to determine the best placements for assets like Pipeline Gathering Systems.

When the Pipeline Gathering System is calculated, a surface model is provided to aide your team should alternative routing need to occur. This raster dataset shows those locations where the network is the most and least optimized for the area.

Produced by the Integrated Geomancy toolkit, this surface serves as input for nearly ever Analysis tool. It also acts as a helpful reference for where construction can and cannot occur based on the data included in the model.

Generated by the application alongside the Constructability Surface, this solution offers a reference for those input datasets that have the most impact on the overall constructability of the area in which your team is working.








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